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Welcome to Kishore's Homoeopathy

We at Kishore's Homoeopathy provide you complete health care solution with counseling and guidance for all your health related problems(acute and chronic),and help you to lead a purposeful healthy life.

We specialize in psoriasis, eczema, urticaria, hair fall, arthritis, sciatica, lumbago, gastritis, haemorrhoids, gastric ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), asthma, hypertension, diabetes, allergic rhinitis, menstrual disorders, poly cystic ovarian disease (PCOD) and urinary tract infection(UTI).

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Our Patient Speaks

Hello dr. saab
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for making my life so wonderful with your small sweet pills, I have never expected this to happen again after being rejected from so many senior doctors, I was really hopeless, I was almost ready to apply for VRS. I was in lot of stress. My back pain has almost gone.

Long live Kishore's Homoeopathy

Dear Dr. Manoj
I have no words to describe my feeling for your care and dedication shown to my ailing mother, who is recovering and responding to your treatment really well. Only a phone can make so much difference to my mother, sir, next month I am coming to India, hope to see u in person.

Hamid, Muscat

Dear Dr.Manoj
Regards, first of all let me say sorry for the kind of behaviour shown by me when we met 3 months back. It was only your effort And dedication and more so my wife's great faith in your system of medicine that could change my perception totally. I was very hesitant to start the treatment initially but after using the medication for 2-3 weeks, I could feel the changes in my body and Also mentally as u promised a sense of well being is there. Once 6 months quota of medicines is over, I will get back to u. Keep up the good work, god bless u

Warm regards
V. Rao

Dr. Manoj
Thank u very much for your quick response and suggestion. Kindly send me the next quota of medicines. I am improving and Joined work. Only 10-15% knee pain still persists . plz takes care of my constipation this time.

bye and regards,
Vipin Tyagi

Dear doc,

I should address u as the singer or man with so much indepth knowledge of indian film music or a very passionate homoeopath. Regardless of everything you are truly a GRREAT HUMAN BEING, I have experienced the kind of honesty and dedication u show in all your clients. Great to have u as our family physician. Looking forward to see in Delhi this summer.

Surender Khatana
Retd. Principal

Dear Dr. Behera,
Thanks to (Mr.Behera), your elder brother, for informing me everything regarding your planning to do charities and to help people to get free homoeopathic treatment. I would love to contribute and be a part of your endeavor.

Thanks doc
Bye and regards.
Toronto, Canada

Thank you very much for your immediate reply and kind consideration. As we promised, we hope to receive your further advice within 72 hours.

Thank you again. With regards

Clinic address

Offline Contact:

OPPOSITE Sector - ZETA-1,SITE C,SURAJ PUR, Greater Noida,
Uttar Pradesh, India - 201308


Ph: 8700850075
Mob: 9999243474

Online Contact:

Email: drmanojkb@yahoo.com


Consulting hours


Morning Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Evening Hours: 18:00,20:00


Evening Hours: 18:00,20:00

Every week days

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