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Dr. Manoj makes his expertise available to the patients globally. Treatment is provided for all kinds of acute and chronic physical or mental ailments.
You can consult Dr. Manoj from anywhere in the world all you have to do is to follow the below mentioned steps.

Download Case Record Form

Step 1 - Submit your Case Details

If you want to take our treatment, submit your case by filling the extensive multilingual case record. Investigation reports, photographs, etc. can be uploaded if required.

Step 2 - Panel of experienced homeopaths will review your case

After the successful submission of the case it will be reviewed by our panel of experts and we will get back to you with the probable time of cure /relief and other details.
At times we may also require more information for a successful prescription, in such circumstances we will contact you by e-mail/ phone and ask for the same.

Step 3 - Choose Treatment Plan

Choose the treatment plan according to the duration of treatment; in most instances we will help you choose the plan once we get your case record.
You can choose to make the payment by using the payment options given below.
You can write to us or call us if you have any enquires, but working of the case and dispatch of the medicine will only be done on receipt of the full payment.

Step 4 - Receive medicine at your doorstep

Once your payment is honored and your case has been worked out, we will send you the medicine by courier (anywhere in the world as per the rules and regulations of the country of your residence). The patient can acknowledge the receipt of the medicine by sending us an e-mail.
Additional charges for Courier / shipping will be levied; these charges will depend on the weight of the medicine and the country where the medicine has to be received.

Step 5 - Feedback

As our system works 24x7 you can send us a feedback depending on the need and we will reply you with instructions as soon as possible.
Using our online feedback you can update your information to the doctors from time to time depending on the progress you make.

Treatment Plans & Consultation Fees :

Plan Duration Fees - USA Fees - Europe Fees - AsiaFees - UAE
Plan 1
1 month
USD 100
EUR 150
USD 75
AED 370
Plan 2
3 months
USD 150
EUR 180
USD 130
AED 600
Plan 3
6 months
USD 200
EUR 210
USD 175
AED 800

(Minor variation in fees may be possible due to US $, €, IRS fluctuation)

                                      - FOR 1 MONTH – Rs. 1950*  (Includes 1 Consultation)
                                      - FOR 3 MONTHS- Rs. 4950* (Includes 3 Consultations)
                                      - FOR 6 MONTHS- Rs. 8950* (Includes 6 Consultations)

Download Case Record Form

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